Dehydrated Grasshopper Chipotle 80g

Dehydrated Grasshopper Chipotle 80g


Dehydrated Grasshopper Chipotle

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Spicy Level: Low

Ingredients: Dehydrated Crickets, sea salt,  Chipotle pepper and lime juice.

How to use: Apply on any type of food, Quesadillas, guacamole, Chocolate, cheese, vegetables, salads and powdered cookies, breads, smoothies, etc.

Mexico is famous for its rich cuisine, exuberant dishes, and variety of flavors, though some of the most exotic foods this tradition has to offer are insects.

Chapulines are more nutritious than other foods such as beef, chicken, or pork and.  They are also strongly recommended for their high A, B, and C vitamin and protein content. They are even richer in protein than milk and fish, plus they provide more energy than wheat. Chapulines are also rich in fiber and provide magnesium, calcium, and zinc.

“chapulines are 62.93% total protein, out of which 89.63% is digestible.” Therefore, these insects are easy to digest and help to improve digestion.

Furthermore, the ingestion of insects reduces the chances of developing zoonotic diseases such as H1N1, E. coli infection, and salmonella, among others transmitted from animals to people.

Presentation: 80g

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